My “keep moving forward” philosophy guides family- or founder-controlled businesses, allowing them to restructure, repurpose and reengineer their way to stability and growth.
— Tom Rushing

Life lessons from a snapping turtle


At a rest stop, while on a road trip as a young boy, I noticed a turtle crossing a highway on his way to a nearby pond. At the same time, I saw a truck approaching in the distance. Moving steadily, the turtle was making good progress and I was sure he’d make it across safely. But as the truck drew nearer he felt its vibrations in the road beneath him and froze in fear as he pulled into his shell to wait it out – a fatal decision.

I built a life-long philosophy from what I witnessed that day, and it has served me well throughout my career: Always, always keep moving forward. Be willing to stick your neck out a little and take a calculated risk to reach your goals.